Artists and Events

Join us for our grand opening and artist reception for Field Notes, an exhibit by painter Rick Telep of Gloucester, Mass. 

Artist Statement:

 Consider the natural world of Cape Ann: The rocks and shore!  The sand, mud and grasses. Humongous boulders are everywhere you look. There are strangely crowded islands where the trees are so packed with snowy egrets that it seems like they’ll break. Elsewhere, twice a day, every single day of the year, there is a brand new trickling clam flat where the river used to be, and it’s unbelievably full of life. The pounding against Brace rock is often so powerful it terrifies you. Then, miraculously, at other moments the sea touches that same rock with the friendliness of a labrador retriever. 

My hope is these pictures will communicate a little of this. Let me be a field reporter like some kind of liaison for these things.” 

—Rick Telep